23rd January 2023

Nurture Room

Children with Special Educational Needs

East Street early Years are committed to the integration of children with special needs, we believe that high quality provision, led by supportive caring staff is of paramount importance to all children succeeding and flourishing. All children have the same rights to development opportunities. Babies and young children are individuals first, each with a unique profile of abilities. At East Street Early Years, we ensure routines flow with child’s needs. We have a great deal of experience with children who have mild to severe and complex needs, ranging from speech and language difficulties, behavioural issues, sensory disorder, and Autism across the spectrum.

The SENDCo will liaise when necessary and encourage you as parents to participate in meetings along with other professionals that are involved and have contact with your child. We are pro-active in seeking staff relevant training that will help us to meet the individual child’s needs. We are committed to ensuring that all children are able to access our services, made to feel welcome, and that our activities promote their welfare and development.

To support their learning we have created a dedicated breakout space which includes a sensory room. The children have the option to use this room for a quiet space if they prefer or be integrated into general nursery life alongside their one to one key person. This space is also available to all children who might seek that quiet alternative on some days.

If you would like to speak to our SENDCo Theresa, informally or otherwise about your child then please call 01295 257100 by email theresa.baker@esey.uk