11th November 2020

Session times & fees

We offer a range of sessions across the early years rooms, to cater for the requirements of working families. Our sessions are charged at varying rates due to the staff ratios required to ensure the welfare of children in our nursery.

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Session times

  • Option 1: 8am – 4pm (core nursery provision)£47.00 per session  (£50 from 1/9/23)
  • Option 2: 4pm-5pm or 4pm – 6pm (wrap around care) £6.25 per hour (£6.50 from 1/9/23)
  • Option 3: 8am – 1pm, £29.50 per session (£31 from 1/9/23)
  • Option 4: 1pm – 4pm, £17.50 per session (£19 from 1/9/23)

Additional hours charged at £6.25 per hour, subject to availability. (£6.50 from 1/9/23)

We DO NOT charge any top up fees. We have designed our session times so that you can use 15 or 30 hours funding to fully cover your fees. We believe it is important that “free childcare” is free and that as a parent you can opt just to use your funding without fear of additional charges.

New Child Registration Enquiry or change of hours form, pdf or word format.

Enquiry Form

Enquiry Form

If you use funded hours to pay for your session this will be deducted in term time. All additional hours will be charged for.


All 3-4 year old’s in England and some 2 year old’s are eligible for government-funded childcare. Find out more here

Please note that Government funding does not cover lunch time fees, additional ratios for outings etc, and as a not-for-profit charitable organisation, we aim to cover these costs through fundraising and from time to time we may ask for additional donations. The support of all our families is much appreciated during these events and helps us give your children the best experiences possible – as well as being enjoyable and memorable occasions.


Payment information

Payment for your child’s place at East Street Early Years is on a monthly basis. You will receive an invoice at the beginning of each month, which must be paid by the end of each month. We accept payment in cash, bank transfer, childcare vouchers or payments from a tax free childcare account.

Fees are payable for all hours agreed upon starting nursery, regardless of attendance. Therefore, if your child is unwell or on holiday, a charge will still be applied.

We are registered for childcare vouchers with a number of different providers, please contact us regarding your chosen provider. We are also registered with HMRC to accept payments from a Tax Free Childcare account.

Find out more about help with childcare costs on the Childcare Choices website